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Podcast host, former financial advisor, Co-Founder of Granger & Brown Investments and Arizona native S Kent Brown firmly believes that actions speak louder than words ever will and trust is built when you show someone you care more about their needs then your own. Prior to co-founding Granger & Brown Investments, Kent founded his own investment firm. He also held the positions of Jr. Partner and Senior Advisor at previous financial institutions.


Today Kent is a Co-Founder of Granger & Brown, a premier provider of single-family rental properties. Kent also hosts a daily podcast, The Daily Money Show where he takes the complex world of investments, economics, finance and breaks them down in a simple, fun way so that people can become more knowledgeable and make better decisions with their money. 


Kent is a proud husband and father of four. Kent enjoys teaching, camping, fishing and spending quality time with his beautiful wife and kids.

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